Voices of Resistance 2017

VoR poster A3 x10

6th Form students Laura Wainman and Olivia Goddard have produced a fantastic exhibition showcasing what they have learnt from their experience of visiting Auschwitz and taking part in various seminars.  They produced this exhibition as part of their role as Lessons From Auschwitz ambassadors.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 12th July until Saturday 15th July at the Framework Knitters Museum. The exhibition will have an official opening at 6.30pm on Monday 10th July.  

Opening Hours: 11am - 4.30pm

Student Sprints To Success!

Year 8 student Lizzy Edge ran the London Mini Marathon and came 3rd (U13's girl).   This doubles as the British 3 mile Road Champs.  Lizzy run the 3 miles in 17.20 minutes!

Lizzy Edge marathon 210x280

Congratulations Lizzy!

YOLO Road Safety Production

Performance In Education came in on Wednesday 29th March to deliver a passenger safety production called ‘YOLO’ to Year 9 students. They delivered a production about the importance of passenger safety and the effects it has on both the people in the vehicle and others. After the production Performance In Education delivered a question and answer session and various activities about the importance of passenger safety which was reciprocated well by students. The workshop was engaging and informative and ensured students went away with a further understanding of how to stay safe.

Visit from a Royal Geographical Society Ambassador

The Geography Department welcomed ex-student Matthew Postlethwaite, now a Geography Ambassador, into school on March 2nd. As part of his visit, he talked to Year 9 classes about the importance of Geography and the opportunities it has provided him as a student whilst at university. Matt has been able to attend fieldtrips, both within the UK and around the world, and has developed many transferable skills that will help him to apply for a wide variety of specialist roles outside of university. Matt facilitated an engaging activity where students were tasked with organising different jobs into two categories, ‘No Geography Required’ and ‘Geography Required’. It quickly became apparent that all the jobs benefited from a background in Geography!

In addition some students took part in a workshop. Amy Marsh and Jacob Terry commented ‘the lesson consisted of building earthquake proof buildings with spaghetti and marshmallows. Matt then shook the table in order to create an earthquake and to see if our buildings would survive. This was fun and exciting’.

Royal geographical social ambassdor visit 210x280


Comic Relief!

A big thank you to staff, parents and pupils for their contributions either through £1 donation for non-uniform or baking cakes, making smoothies to sell and sponsoring students for their inventive ideas (sponsored silence, 3 legged day). Many thanks to pupils in Year 7 who gave their pocket money and all the students who then helped us count and bag up the coins ready for banking.

The total monies raised for comic relief was £1769.38.

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Rushcliffe Action Aid – Community support

The Rushcliffe Action Aid in the community has started well this half term with 2 visits to Epperstone Court home for the elderly. The first visit was all about supporting residents with their technology. Year 8 students gave some useful advice on getting the most out of your mobile phone and laptops. The second visit was all about social interaction between the young and old. Year 8 and 9 students spent an afternoon playing some familiar and some less familiar board games with residents. The residents also attended the Rushcliffe production of Chicago.
Rushcliffe pupils were exemplary not just in their behaviour but their ability to interact with ease, those they were helping or socialising with. The manager of the home and residents have been very complimentary about the pupils and the school.

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