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Flood Update!

Following the heavy rain on Thursday, a significant volume of water running off the adjacent Sharphill building site caused flooding to outdoor areas of the school site and inside one of the school buildings. Twelve classrooms, including art rooms and science laboratories, and a number of office and staff workspaces were closed on Thursday afternoon with classes re-roomed to other parts of the school. Work in the afternoon and early on Friday morning, including remedial work on the building site, stemmed the flow of water and enabled two classrooms to re-open and most exterior areas to be cleared. The school has opened as normal on Friday and there is nothing to suggest that this won’t continue to be the case next week. 

Mr Painton, Principal, said: “It has been particularly challenging for those whose lessons, classrooms and work areas have been disrupted but the response of pupils and staff has been terrific. We are determined to keep things running as normally as possible and will work with our insurers and other appropriate organisations to get damaged areas cleaned up and repaired as quickly as we can.”