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School Catering

School Menu Sept 2019

School Meals Biometric System

For the last few years, the school caterers have successfully used a Cashless Catering system to help speed up the service at the tills at our catering sales points. This system uses a biometric system to recognise customers, allowing users to add cash to the system using the revaluer machines, and identifying the users at the tills.

The main benefits of the biometric cashless system are to:

  • Further enhance the schools drive to promote healthy eating.
  • Improve further the efficiency of service, with faster delivery.
  • Ensure complete confidentially for free school meal entitlement - daily credit will be automatically assigned each lunch time.
  • Make it easier for parents to pay: payment will be by cheque payable to Spencer Academies Trust so negating the need for students to carry cash.
  • Give parents confidence that money given for food purchased at school will be used for that purpose and by their child only.
  • Allow the Spencer Academies Trust, who provide the school's caterering, to monitor their provision enabling them to be more responsive to the requirements of customers. 


Eatz Website

Prepay online for school Meals click the image below. It is important to note that the system does not capture or store a pictorial image of the fingerprint at all, and the unique code cannot be used on any other system. In accordance with Data Protection principles, the ID data is deleted annually after pupils have left the school. This is the same concept as already used for many years in the Learning Resource Centre to issue books, but a completely independent system.